Sunday, February 6, 2011

500 Days of Summer

Happened to watch this 2009 blockbuster movie this weekend. A very touching movie with power packed performances by all the actors. Some smart non-linear storytelling and great music. Here is one of my favorites from the movie-

And hey someone is writing some serious stuff here, you might wanna check this out. The guy shared his next poem with me this evening and its great. Looking forward to see it on your blog bro.

Enjoy and have fun!!!


  1. Yes, I like it very much and even I am planning to remake this movie in Hindi and Kannada... It would be called Basanthi ka panchso din.

  2. oyi the video is no longer available?? what ur planning to replace it with the one u put up on FB?

  3. @Niks - Thanks for pointing it out. Corrected it. It took sometime tough :P :P.