Sunday, January 30, 2011

If life's to come to an end in 2012

Just a thought. Not to be taken seriously. I am very much sane and in my senses.. :)

Just a thought, it may or may not be true,
For a second, I would like to assume,
that the world will come to an end next year.
With a sense of fright and lot of fear,
I try and imagine how would be those last days?
Will they be full of misery, sorrow and pain?
Or may be they will not.
That brings to my mind another little thought.
I'll be free like a bird in the open sky,
enjoying whatever is left, before I die.
No fear of loss, neither for objects, nor for relations.
I'll set off for a never ending vacation.
Somewhere close to sea,
with only waves all around me.
I will spend my last few moments,
sitting on the shore, calm, in retrospection
visualizing the memories of my life in it's reflection....


  1. Good one ...

    Hope admist fear :)
    Even when you know end is near
    But if you stay close the sea
    You will be consumed by tsunami

    Choose mountain :P.

  2. Hope amidst fear??
    fretting over a mountain, over the sea??
    when you know the end is near
    a wise choice would be chilled beer ;-)

  3. @Neo - Yeah, I thought about it, but I like Oceans more than mountains :-P

    @Nick - Thats goes without saying. Have already got a good stock of Corona and Grimbergen here ;)
    Just in case Mayan's got it wrong by few months or an year may be... :P :P