Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm back and here to stay.. :)

Writing after a long time. A lot has changed since my last post. I have moved back to Delhi, my hometown, from Hyderabad; Has been engulfed in lots of work and most evidently has not been able to blog.

Thanks to Emo, Arun, Kote and Chir, who asked me about my next post, I am writing it now.

I wrote the above lines around 2 months back and left it in the middle. So thought of completing it today. Well a lot has changed since then as well. I am in Brussels, Belgium for last 1 month. Deeply immersed in work or pretending to be...

This is not the first time I am away from home, but this time its different. Its the first time I am staying alone.. Alone in my studio apartment on 4th floor with a nice view of the city. Well you may think "nice view from 4th floor?? this guy is taking us for a ride..." Nahin guys seriously, not many high rises in this area. Will post some pics to prove my point.

What it means is that from cleaning to cooking, its all going to be done by me. As services here are very very expensive.. Enjoying it till now. Let's see how many days..

But I am sure, this blog is gonna be my medium of writing down all those Random Thoughts that come to my mind. I am sure there will be many.. Now to consider this as information or a warning is upto you...

So till my next post, here is a pic of the first thing I cooked here in Belgium.. Enjoy!!!

Take Care and do Comment



  1. hi brother
    good to read ur blog. i wonder hw well u manage ur home and food. do post pics of ur apartment. missing u a lot. take care.

  2. Hi Di,

    Sure will post more pics. Missing you too.. take care and lots of luv.