Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Go Goa.... Part 2

Continuation of my previous post...

Now with Introductions already done, lets move onto the real trip.

The trip dates were well suited to all of us, but the problem was it well suited a lot many people like us. So the end result, for people like me who believe in making reservations at the 11th hour, it was not easy. Hyderabad to Goa.. huh? What is there? Just an over night journey. I will get train tickets easily.. I am comfortable in Volvo as well.. but it was too late already.. So ultimately my 14 hrs journey converted into a two day break journey. Hyderabad to Mumbai to Goa. It was not that bad an option considering that I saved 4K, by not going by flight. It costed my company another day of WFH :). So It was all settled, Nigga booked my ticket for onward journey from Mumbai to Goa is the same Volvo as his. So my journey started a day before everyone else.

I was cursing myself for the lazy bum that I am, but that was only till we reached Goa. I and Nigga were the first ones to reach Goa. Shivering the whole night for the simple reason that there was no blanket provided in the Volvo. Recession has not spared any one, cost cutting u see.. Damn, I had Nigga with me, kisi aur ko hona chahiye tha ;)

So we reached hotel (paying 200 bucks for 10kms journey from bus stop to hotel), dropped our luggage and headed direct to Calangute. Boy, what a view it was, nothing can beat an early morning stroll at a nice, clean white sand beach.. Spent sometime there and Nigga clicked a few for his Calender ;-)

Well, well enough about me and Nigga for now.. So where are rest of the gang members? Yeah, they are coming.. A couple in train and others at airport.. Yo maan, Paapi managed to board a flight though he was told that it has been cancelled.. He narrated this story atleast 8 times during the trip though we were only 7 in all ;-) Expecting flights to be on time from Delhi in January is like expecting Mohan Bagan to beat Manchester United in EPL. His flight following the tradition was delayed by 4-5 hrs. He had a good time sitting in plane and waiting for take off. Good air hostesses are a must for any airline.. :) He finally made it to Goa around 2:00 PM..

Emo and Sane were somewhere in Maharashtra, enjoying their train journey for an additional 4 Hrs :) and guess what, they were not charged a penny extra for this extended ride.. Nigga and I were getting constant updates of their movement sitting at Calangute beach, thanks to Emo.. boy she was in bad mood, I could tell by listening to Nigga's replies to a rapid fire from the other side ;). Girl equipped with freshly learnt abuses and not in good mood, too dangerous ;-) Their arrival time in Goa, around 4-4:30PM

Where are Monchi and Rathi, yes this was the question everybody had.. BTW, Rathi comes from a class of select few who can go to an airport anytime, point at the aircraft and say "Mujhe Ismain Jaana Hai" :).. No kidding guys, his Dad is in IA and hence he is the privileged one. The last news from Monchi was that his flight is delayed by 3-4 hours. Nothing after that... Nothing till around 6:00PM, when we finally heard from Rathi. He was at Goa airport, finally in Goa... And he waited at the airport for another hour and a half for Monchi to land. I am sure he must have got 5 star treatment at the airport as well ;)

With everyone in Goa now, I will stop here for this post. Next post will have day 1 and day 2 highlights :) Till then have fun and happy reading.



  1. nice one maan. its nice to see the trip from someone else's perspective. U give me the inspiration to write a blog of mine.
    For a long time i thot WFH was WTF in some new form before i realised u were talking abt work from home.

  2. hu said emo...had learnt abuses freshly???...kya kuch bhi??

  3. @Newbee - Thanks for these encouraging words... So its more than 4 months.. where is ur blog??

    @Monu - I am saying u are Emo... after all its my blog ;-)