Friday, January 8, 2010

Go Goa.... Part 1

After a couple of postings and a lot of drafts, here I am, back with a bang. I think there are few things for which you don't have to write and delete and write again. Words and thoughts come automatically. Writing about my trip to Goa is definitely one of those.

Wow man, where to start from... Just the beginning of a new year, with all the new year resolutions already down the drain, I was desperately looking for a change...

It was the end of 2009 when I came back from Jak.. Yet another grueling trip with a lot of work and timelines almost impossible to meet. Only consolation, that I was with my family and friends to celebrate the new year. This is when I first got to know from one of my close buddies, Nigga, about this Goa trip. The trip was well timed to leverage the holiday on 26th Jan which happened to be on Tuesday. So most of us took off on Monday and some like me were on WFH :). To be honest, I was not very excited the first time I heard about it.. Now how hard I may try to reason it, I don't know why I was reluctant to say yes at that time. Probably this is how I am..

I must say that had it not been due to constant bugging by Nigga, I would have not gone for this trip. Once I made my mind to go for it, the next logical step was to check who all were coming for this trip. Well it was refreshing to hear that it is going to be a different set of people all together.. In a group of 7, I knew 5(including me :-)) from my college days. Other two were strangers. But I have heard on and off about both of them from Nigga.

This trip was coordinated almost completely by Nigga. From hotel reservation in Goa to purchase of tickets for some of the travelers, everything done by him and quite efficiently I must say.. So before I proceed, let me introduce to you the whole gang.. As I told you we were 7 in all. you already know me, or if you don't then its not required.. I will name myself Yogi for this post.

Starting from Nigga, well he is one of my close buddies whom i know for almost 10 yrs now.. Haven't seen anyone like him in my whole life. He always has a different point of view to everything along with a very logical reasoning to back his PoV. He started his journey from Mumbai and was closest to Goa in terms of distance.

Next is Paapi.. yeah he actually lived up to his name through out the trip. Just kidding, but I am sure Nigga will second, third and fourth me on this statement. More on this later :) He started from Delhi for this trip. Though we have graduated in the same year from the same college, but we really got to know each other during our trip to Nainital in the year 2007.

Next is Monchi.. Again from my college and we both knew each other since our college days. Well not the nappy buddies but certainly good friends.. Monchi was the only person who had been to Goa before, in fact twice. This was his third trip and he also came from Delhi. His prior experience was certainly a big add-on.

Emo.. I have heard about her on few occasions from Nigga, but not sure if I was known to her. She came to Goa from Bangalore. Well nothing much that I knew about her at start of the trip except for the fact that she had learnt some fresh abuses :):).. Was not sure if it was in preparation for this trip ;).. jokes apart but she came across as a very nice person.. more on Emo in coming sections...

Sane.. Again someone I had never met or interacted before.. Another of Nigga's friends coming from Bangalore. A nice fun loving person.. The only one in our group who can swim :). As expected both Emo and Sane were coming together from Bangalore. More on her in coming sections...

Last but not the least our very own Rathi.. Another one from my college, knew him since then but just casual chit chats. Got to know him better in this trip and it was a great experience.. Poor chap, he was teased a lot for his engaged status and his every action was scrutinized and ultimately linked to her fiancee :) :).. Travelling from Delhi, he and Monchi were the last ones to join us in Goa..

And of course, I started my journey from Hyderabad, but there was a twist here.. more on this later..

Well enough for the introductions.. I will conclude this part here.. Next part will have everyone's story of reaching Goa.. Believe me it was incredible how we all somehow managed to reach there just in time to make the most of our trip...

So till the next post, happy reading and enjoy!!!


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