Monday, December 21, 2009

Let It Go!!!

Dont think about it, it will be all fine, Just Let it go.. Let it go, a phrase of 3 simple words, easy to tell and advice but extremely painful to go through. How to let it go? Get over it? Why cant we have a selective memory? Just a 30 minutes visit to a psychiatrist and you are done.. But unfortunately thats not to be.. At this moment I recollect a couple of lines from one of Jagjit Singh's very popular ghazals.

Tere Bare main Jab Socha nahin tha..
Main Tanha tha magar itna nahin tha...

The more you try to forget it, the more you will remember it, the more it haunts you. So, what to do? Learn to live with it? Well, not such a good idea, tried it myself with little success. You can also try what Sir Newton mastered in, Time and Distance. You may end up writing few crazy equations like him, but would not be able to get over it..

Why not go to the root, if possible? Talk through it. Why is it such a big thing in your life.. Try and make it a matter of less concern. How do you do that? Talk through it. Be it your dearest friend, your parents, your ex girl friend, you colleague or your boss, just go ahead and talk. Go back in time, to that instant when it happened.. Tell him how you felt, Ask him why he did so? Pour your heart, listen what he has to say... Most of the times it will better the situation, sometimes it may not.. but you will always better, satisfied and relieved...

What worse can happen to where you are right now in that relationship. Only one of the two things will happen. Either it will move towards betterment or it will become easier for you to snap those last few threads that have been dragging it till now. Believe me, the second one may sound disturbing but just give it a thought, after all its not that bad an option. You are not able to let it go because you still have some feelings for that relationship. Would you still feel that bad when you realize that it was never worth the effort you have put in?

Believe me, life is short, it is not worth wasting your present for something that has happened in your past..

So just enjoy your present and cherish the good memories of your past and your future will definitely be wonderful...

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  1. Nice post! Its a reality to me. Always feels better when u let it go by talking through.